Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Art Galli
March 3
Jeffrey Pierson
March 12
Kenneth Mihelich
March 13
Jane Condon
March 18
George Buck
March 21
Miriam Merrill
March 23
Arvid Johnson
April 3
Todd Koehl
April 12
Bruce Konzelman
April 13
Lauren Las
April 13
Michelle Balog
April 14
Derek Egan
April 21
Daniel Malinowski
April 22
James Gaffney
April 30
Walter Zaida
April 30
Join Date
Art Galli
March 2, 1999
20 years
Diane Habiger
March 2, 1999
20 years
Lisa Morel Las
March 2, 1993
26 years
Peter Nichols
March 5, 1968
51 years
Graham D Rogers
March 6, 2018
1 year
Nick Weis
March 6, 2018
1 year
William Lauer
March 12, 1964
55 years
Benjamin Stortz
March 17, 2009
10 years
Kathleen Zydek
March 17, 2009
10 years
Jen Howard
March 18, 2013
6 years
Damon Sloan
March 20, 2012
7 years
Mary Sheehan
March 27, 2017
2 years
John Rossi
March 31, 2015
4 years
Jack Rogers
April 1, 1986
33 years
John Spesia
April 2, 1996
23 years
Mary Frances Seeley
April 16, 1996
23 years
Ronald Bray
April 16, 1996
23 years
Ed Dollinger
April 21, 1987
32 years
Bob Filotto
April 23, 2002
17 years
Dan Mihelich
April 23, 2002
17 years
Paul Gantzert
April 23, 2002
17 years
Kristin Mulvey
April 27, 2004
15 years
Michael Murray
April 27, 2004
15 years
Apr 02, 2019
JCA Championship Football Team & Coaches
Apr 09, 2019
Public Speaking into your Business
Apr 16, 2019
Peace Studies Program
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Meeting Reminder APR 02, 2019

Greeters:  Diane Habiger
& Kristin Short
50/50 Raffle:  George Buck
& Dan Malinowski
Sue Bebar
Menu:  Beef Enchiladas
with Red Sauce & Rice;
Chicken Tortilla Soup;
Salad; Churros.
Ken Mihelich
Program:  JCA Sports Champions
Jake Jaworski and Football Captains;
Dance Team Captains, and Wrestler.
Intro:  Jeff Budz & Sue Bebar

Upcoming Meeting Volunteers

Please seek substitute if you cannot
honor your assignment.
50/50 TIX
APR 02Diane Habiger & Kristin Short
George Buck &
Dan Malinowski
Sue BebarKen Mihelich
APR 09Howard Hamilton & Tricia Simpson
Jeff Budz &
Shawn Marconi
Sandi PerzeeGreg Peerbolte
APR 16Joe Hammer & Damon Sloan
Tom Carstens &
Brad McCann
Cornel Darden
APR 23
Pam Heavens &
Jim Smith
Brian Cedergren &
Cheryl McCarthy
Dan MalinowskiDan Mihelich
APR 30
Brian Hopkins &
John Spesia
Diane Cepela & 
Jackie McTee
Howard EllisonPaul Schrik
MAY 07Jan Hopkins & Ben Stortz
Troy Cicero & 
Miriam Merrill
Gary Fuqua
May 14
Jen Howard &
George Stuhr
Jane Condon &
Dan Mihelich
Julie WilkinsonMarron Mahoney
May 21
Mark Inserra &
Dave Thornton
Deb Condotti &
Ken Mihelich
Dan Mihelich
May 28
Mary Jaworski &
Laura Daley & 
Megan Millen
Diane DeVries
JUN 04
Nick Jaworski &
Jeff Tyner
Cornel Darden &
Bret Mitchell
Jane Condon
JUN 11
Arvid Johnson &
Nick Tyrell
Rich DeGrush &
Judy Mitchell
Charles RubovitsMike Rittof
JUN 18
Porscha Johnson &
Steve Vanisko
Val Devine & 
Kristi Mulvey
George Stuhr 
JUN 25
Andy June & 
Dan Vera
Diane DeVries & 
Erin O'Brien
Brad McCannJeff Allen

Nominate New Member

It is a privilege to be a Rotarian!
Lead the way--Invite a guest and/or
Nominate a new member today!
Someone thought enough of you to invite you into the Club.
Each of us is charged with doing the same!
It's easy and it is the privilege of EVERY current member.
Start with an invite as a guest to lunch. If interested,
the application for YOU to nominate a potential
Joliet Rotary Club member is available in the
DOWNLOAD FILES section of the e-Wheel newsletter
and the Joliet Rotary Club website at
All New Member applications go to:
Michelle Balog in person
or at
Rotary District News


See all the District events at the following link:



2018-2019 Club Grants for Membership Development

The District Board has grants to support membership development. Clubs may complete a form for a new member promotion, event, etc. and request up to $250 as a match for the cost of the activity.   Multiple Club events may request up to $500.  Steps:  1) complete the top half of this form and submit to Upon submission of the request you will be informed of your grant status. 2) then hold your event. 3) complete a report of your event, bottom half of form by June 1, 2019 and submit to
Grants will remain available until all available funds have been designated.

Club Grants for Membership Development

Yours in Rotary Service,
Pedro Cevallos-Candau
District Governor 2018-2019

All Welcome to attend Board Meetings!

All Rotarians are invited to attend
the meetings of the Board of Directors.
These take place at:  Holiday Inn, Joliet.


Come see how your fellow members

manage the affairs of your Rotary Club.

Doing so counts toward your attendance.