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Regular Meeting JUN 20, 2023

President Mary Sheehan of

Joliet Rotary invites you to our REGULAR MEETING at

The Jacob Henry Mansion


Bob Filotto & Ann O'Neill

50/50 RAFFLE

Dan Kuska & Nick Tyrell


Jane Hopkins
June 20- Spaghetti & Meatballs
June 27- BBQ Pork Chop
All Luncheons include:  Fresh garden salad; choice
of dressing; warmed rolls; breads and butter;
dessert; coffee and water - all served to the table
** Please note- Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meal
available upon request.
( If possible please feel free to email Sue
prior to arrival)
Gloria Dollinger

To Pay Fines and Happy Dollars Via Web:

Joliet Rotary Club President
Final Address
Mary Sheehan

** Qualifying Events for participation points:

Spanish Comm. Center dinner, Guardian Angels

Dancing with the Local Stars, Joliet Chamber

Annual Dinner, CASA dinner, YMCA dinner, 

Aurora Rotary’s 100th anniv. dinner, District 6450

conference, Morningstar’s car show, Will Grundy

clinic dinner and St. Francis Caritas.

** Installation of New

Joliet Rotary Board - June 27th at 

the regular meeting. Be sure to attend!

If you have any stories, memories or 
history notes for this space, please email to
Tim Brophy at: 
Thank you!

Upcoming Meeting Volunteers

Please seek substitute if you cannot
honor your assignment.
50/50 TIX
Bob Filotto &
Ann O'Neill
Dan Kuska &
Nick Tyrell
Jane HopkinsGloria Dollinger
Gary Fuqua &
Mike Paone
Ines Kutlesa &
Steve Vanisko
Lauren LasKevin Watson
Art Galli &
Pete Paros
Tom Lancaster &
Dan Vera
Paul Gantzert &
Greg Peerbolte
Lauren Las &
Kevin Watson
Kathy Giegerich &
Lisa Las
Nick Weis &
Mike Merritt

Rotary District News

Comments from Governor Ade

Dear Rotarians,

Well, how quickly the year has gone! I imagined the opportunity to serve as district governor an honor; it has indeed been a privilege. A year later, with various service opportunities and engagements with Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Exchange students, I have been genuinely humbled by the experience of being your district governor. I have been honored to serve with dedicated club presidents, proficient committee chairs, supportive assistant governors, a steadfast District board, and an exceptional administrator.

The District Officials and the Club Presidents alone could only have achieved what we have achieved with the support of Rotarians. The men and women who have been quietly doing great things. The folks that perform the various service projects in the clubs. They are the unsung heroes of the District, without whom we would not have a district, and the Governor would have nothing to govern. I owe them a lot. Rotary owes them a lot. I appreciate each one of you for your engaging contribution to your communities and the world.

I wish my successor Conor Gee a successful year ahead. Conor is a proven leader and a truly dedicated Rotarian. I assure Conor that he will have my full support during his term, as I had from my esteemed predecessor Jane Hopkins.

During the last week of May, I attended the 2023 Rotary International Convention, held in Melbourne, Australia, which provided attendees with a remarkable experience filled with inspiration and positive energy. The convention featured outstanding speakers who delivered powerful messages along with exceptional entertainment. The informative learning sessions encouraged knowledge-sharing and ample opportunities for networking and fellowship among participants.

During the convention's closing session, Gordon McInally, the 2023-24 Rotary International President, addressed the critical mental health issue. RIPE McInally shared a personal experience of losing his brother to suicide, which drove him to fight against mental health stigma and enhance access to care. He expressed his belief that Rotary can play a significant role in this endeavor by creating a supportive environment for its members, advocating for mental health services, and collaborating with experts to expand treatment accessibility. RIPE McInally urged Rotary members to prioritize mental health and emphasized the importance of taking action during this crucial historic period.

In her closing remarks, Rotary International President Jennifer Jones emphasized the connection between imagination, hope, and the future of Rotary. She noted that imagination and hope are forward-looking concepts that propel Rotary forward, highlighting the importance of building upon past achievements while striving for a better tomorrow. RI President Jones encouraged Rotary members to embrace the path of continuity, finding peace within themselves and sharing an ethic of care with the people they serve. Her closing remarks resonated with the overarching theme of the convention, which emphasized the collective responsibility of Rotary members to create hope and positive change in the world.

Overall, the Rotary International 2023 Convention in Melbourne served as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, inspiring stories, and celebrating Rotary's impact and potential. The convention left participants feeling empowered, motivated and united in their commitment to serving humanity and making a difference in the world.

As I bid farewell to my role as District Governor, I want to thank every one of you for your unwavering support, dedication, and passion. It has been an incredible journey, and I am honored to have served alongside you.

Rotary is a beacon of hope, and I do not doubt that under DG Conor Gee's leadership, the District will continue to shine bright and make a lasting impact. I urge you all to support him, just as you have supported me throughout my term.

Thank you for an unforgettable year. It has been an honor to serve as your District Governor.

Yours in Rotary,

Adé Ọnǎyẹmí
Rotary International District 6450
District Governor 2022-2023
We have published the results of the District DEI Survey on the district website.  Use this LINK if you would like to see the results.

District Events
  • 2023-24 District Governor Conor Gee Installation, June 24, 2023. There are a small number of tickets left.  Register Here
  • Rotary Day at the White Sox, July 28, 2023. Get your club members together and order tickets now! Don’t forget to sponsor a veteran for the game and dinner.  For more information and to order tickets click here: 2023 White Sox Game tickets.
  • The Environmental Committee wants to hear from your club! First, they are interested in showcasing all of the amazing environmental projects that have been happening in our district.  Second, they would like to honor one club with the 2022-23 Environmental Award, and that might be yours!  Please send a brief description of your recent environmental work to the environmental chair at  Thanks for all you do for our district and the world!

Club Events

Don't forget that if you want your event on the district calendar, you need to put it on your club calendar and use the event category 'club event for district posting only'. 

Know Your In-coming Board

In-coming slate of officers you approved in January.

Terms begin July 1, 2023:

President-Diane Cepela

President Elect-Pete Colarelli

President Nominee-Megan Millen

Treasurer-Brad McCann

Secretary-Jennifer Lynch

Club Services-Tracy Simons

Community Services-Jane Condon

International Projects-John Spesia

Vocational Services-Gloria Dollinger

Past President-Mary Sheehan

It is a privilege to be a Rotarian!
Lead the way--Invite a guest and/or
Nominate a new member today!
Someone thought enough of you to invite you into the Club.
Each of us is charged with doing the same!
It's easy and it is the privilege of EVERY current member.
Start with an invite as a guest to lunch. If interested,
the application for YOU to nominate a potential
Joliet Rotary Club member is available in the
DOWNLOAD FILES section of the e-Wheel newsletter
and the Joliet Rotary Club website at
All New Member applications go to:
Mary Sheehan in person
or at

All Welcome to attend Board Meetings!

All Joliet Rotarians are invited to attend the
meetings of the Rotary Club of Joliet
Board of Directors.

These usually take place on


Meetings are held at

Lightways Hospice Center

250 Water Stone Circle, Joliet, IL 60431

Next:  JUNE 27 2023; 7:30 AM

Watch for invite reminders

from President Mary via email.

Join the meeting to see how your fellow members

manage the affairs of your Rotary Club.