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Member Birthdays
Bob Filotto
August 2
Tricia Simpson
August 2
Nick Weis
August 3
Jen Howard
August 4
Mike Carson
August 10
Mark Griglione
August 13
Mike Hennessy
August 18
Graham D Rogers
August 19
Mel Gray
August 20
Michael Rittof
August 20
Gloria Dollinger
August 21
Julie Wilkinson
August 24
Marc Gorsch
August 24
Brian Cedergren
August 25
Mary Jaworski
August 26
Lisa Morel Las
August 27
David Thornton
August 28
Peter Nichols
August 28
Charles Rubovits
September 4
Ines Kutlesa
September 5
Ronald Bray
September 7
Rudy Mahalik, Jr.
September 7
James V. Smith
September 14
Sarah Palya
September 16
Robert Baron
September 21
Kathleen Zydek
September 24
Rich DeGrush
September 24
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Julie Wilkinson
August 7, 2018
1 year
Marron Mahoney
August 7, 2018
1 year
Bruce Konzelman
August 8, 1978
41 years
James V. Smith
August 20, 1991
28 years
Debra Condotti
August 21, 1990
29 years
Jane Condon
August 22, 2005
14 years
Joe Hammer
August 22, 2006
13 years
Judy Mitchell
August 22, 2016
3 years
August 27, 2002
17 years
Daniel Malinowski
August 29, 2000
19 years
Kenneth Mihelich
August 29, 2000
19 years
Thomas Phelan
August 30, 1977
42 years
Ines Kutlesa
September 2, 2015
4 years
Gregory Peyla
September 3, 1985
34 years
Daniel Adler
September 9, 2008
11 years
George Buck
September 10, 1974
45 years
Theresa Rouse
September 12, 2012
7 years
Arvid Johnson
September 17, 2013
6 years
Jim Watts
September 17, 2013
6 years
Peter Paros
September 18, 1990
29 years
Tim Brophy
September 23, 2003
16 years
Sandi Perzee
September 25, 2017
2 years
Mike Hennessy
September 26, 1989
30 years
David June
September 29, 1992
27 years
George Mahoney III
September 29, 1981
38 years
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Meeting Reminder SEPT 03, 2019

Greeters:  Jake Mahalik
& Michelle Balog
50/50 Raffle:  Troy Cicero
& Tom Phelan
Cheryl McCarthy
Soup ?? (they don't tell me !)
Mixed Salad; Dinner Rolls;
Sliced Roast Turkey Breast
& Gravy; Garlic Mashed
Potatoes; Green Beans;
Chocolate Cake.
Judy Mitchell
Todd Koehl
2020 CENSUS; Get out the Count!
Verenise Alvarez
Veronica Gloria
Next Week Program:
"Who you going to call?"
In 1931, at the height of the Great Depression, Joliet was broke.
Government workers, teachers, firemen and police were being
paid in tax-anticipation warrants. The banks were closed and
merchants--who were accepting the warrants--had nowhere to 
cash them. On May 27,1933, a group of eleven Rotarians
formed the Joliet Clearing Association and printed new
script that they backed by thousands of their own money. They 
arranged with two Rotarian-owned businesses to pay their 
employees in 2/3 cash and 1/3 script. The script was quickly 
circulated. Local merchants were able to redeem it at the new
Clearing Association, and purchase needed inventory to stay
open. 13 months later the script was called for cash with a 
profit of $1,000 which was donated to local charities.

Upcoming Meeting Volunteers

Please seek substitute if you cannot
honor your assignment.
50/50 TIX
This Week
Michelle Balog
& Jake Mahalik
Troy Cicero &
Tom Phelan
Cheryl McCarthy
Judy Mitchell
Bob Baron & 
Tom Mahalik
Todd Koehl & 
Theresa Rouse
Bob Filotto
Sue Bebar & 
Rudy Mahalik, Jr.
Tim Brophy &
Steve Vanisko
Dan MihelichVol needed
Brian Benton &
Marron Mahoney
Gary Fuqua &
Shawn Marconi
Brad McCann
Jeff Pierson
Ted Berman &
Biff Mahoney
Ted Berman &
Sarah Palya
Jackie McTeeVol needed
Duffy Blackburn &
Dan Malinowski
Sue Bebar &
Sandi Perzee
Diane Habiger
Bob Erickson
Ron Bray &
Shawn Marconi
Ruth Colby &
Rudy Mahalik, Jr.
Bob FilottoTo volunteer as SAA, contact Diane Habiger at 815-693-3707
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Attention enthusiastic Rotarians! ONE ROTARY SUMMIT joins together Rotarians to exchange ideas on energizing and boosting your clubs for growth, service and public interaction. Rotarians are Leaders!  Engage fresh new thinking and take home hands-on tools to strengthen membership, public image and involvement in Rotary Foundation programs.
September 14, 2019
8:30 - 12:30 PM
Moraine valley Community College
Palos Hills
No Charge, Must be Pre-Registered

 Sign up now.  Online at: Annual District Conference - 4/24-26/2020 
$475 for Rotarian
$325 for Spouse/Partner
Rotary Fellowship - Socials and Networking
Rotarians make great friends.   There are activities all over
the district that clubs are hosting for social/networking
and fun. Post your club event on the district calendar by
emailing  Check out the District Calendar
for club events, there's something going on somewhere almost weekly.
All welcome.
Rotary has 'fellowships' around the world, folks with
interests in golf, wine, travel, flying, fishing --- check
out the list at Rotary International's website'
Stay tuned in. 
Visit your District's Website

Nominate New Member

It is a privilege to be a Rotarian!
Lead the way--Invite a guest and/or
Nominate a new member today!
Someone thought enough of you to invite you into the Club.
Each of us is charged with doing the same!
It's easy and it is the privilege of EVERY current member.
Start with an invite as a guest to lunch. If interested,
the application for YOU to nominate a potential
Joliet Rotary Club member is available in the
DOWNLOAD FILES section of the e-Wheel newsletter
and the Joliet Rotary Club website at
All New Member applications go to:
Brian Cedergren in person
or at

All Welcome to attend Board Meetings!

All Rotarians are invited to attend
the meetings of the Board of Directors.

These take place on

TUESDAYS 9/24; 10/29; 11/26

at:  Lincolnshire Business Center,

1000 Essington Rd., Joliet, 60435

at 7:30 a.m.

Come see how your fellow members

manage the affairs of your Rotary Club.

Doing so counts toward your attendance.