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Joliet Rotary Club 2022-2023: Plans for service projects, club requirements, and goals
Jul 19, 2022
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Regular Meeting JULY 12, 2022

President MARY SHEEHAN of

Joliet Rotary invites you to our


Jacob Henry Mansion GATHERING ROOM


Mike Rittof &
First Volunteer to offer
50/50 RAFFLE
Tim Brophy &
Dave Thornton
Priscilla Cordero
All Luncheons include:  Fresh garden salad; choice
of dressing; warmed rolls; breads and butter;
dessert; coffee and water - all served to the table
July 12- BBQ Chicken, Au Gratin Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables
July 19- Lemon Pepper Chicken on a bed of Fettuccine Noodle
with Steamed Broccoli
July 26- Pulled Pork Sandwich- Complimentary Soup
August 2-  Traditional Meatloaf, Homemade Mashed
Potato and Gravy
** Please note- Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meal
available upon request.
( If possible please feel free to email Sue
prior to arrival)
Lisa Las
Joliet Rotary 2022-2023 Plans & Goals
President Mary Sheehan
Your Rotary dues WERE payable by the 
end of June. Penalties now apply.
Please pay ASAP to avoid additional
fees. Thank you.
If you have any stories, memories or 
history notes for this space, please email to
Tim Brophy at: 
Thank you!

Upcoming Meeting Volunteers

Please seek substitute if you cannot
honor your assignment.
50/50 TIX
Mike Rittof &
Tim Brophy &
Dave Thornton
Lisa Las
Marc Gorsch &
Graham Rogers
Mike Hennessy &
Jeff Tyner
Ann O'NeillTim Brophy
Mel Gray &
Paul Schrik
Brian Hopkins &
Nick Tyrell
Tracy SimonDan Mihelich
Mary Fran Seeley &
Amanda Quinn
Jen Howard &
Steve Vanisko
Ruth Colby
Pam Heavens
Mark Griglione &
Amanda Quinn
Mark Inserra &
Dan Vera
Deb CondottiDiane Cepela
Diane Habiger &
Tracy Simons
Joe Hammer &
Kevin Watson
Gloria DollingerDan Kuska
Howard Hamilton &
John Spesia
Ben Stortz &
Nick Weis
Jane CondonMark Griglione
Joe Hammer &
Ben Stortz
Tim Brophy &
Julie Wilkinson
Diane CepelaNick Tyrell

Rotary District News

Ade Onayemi
District Governor 2022-2023

Letter to District July 5, 2022

Fellow Rotarians, welcome to the New Rotary Year!

Congratulations to all the club presidents and officers for 2022-2023.

Rotarians give their precious time and treasures in the spirit of service
above self. We make time for what we feel is essential in our lives as
we strive to 'do good things in the world.' So, we come together in
fellowship as leaders, change-makers, and people of action to effect
positive life changes through humanitarian service.

No other civic organization in the world has the capacity of scale that
Rotary brings to any initiative. As a result, we have no problems
finding partners for our humanitarian work. Our ability to collaborate
and effect change through global grants and the Rotary Foundation
is unmatched. "When the world needs us, we step in supported by
the Rotary Foundation." – John Hewko.

As we start the year, we ask clubs to review and incorporate Rotary
International's strategic plan, known as The Rotary Action Plan, when
shaping club priorities and goals. The four fundamental objectives of
the ACTION PLAN are as follows:
  1. Increase our impact
  2. Expand our reach
  3. Enhance participant engagement (improve the involvement of participants)
  4. Increase our ability to adapt.
The plan "builds on our past success and sets the future direction to
ensure that we continue to grow, unite people and make a lasting
impact." Clubs' goals should be aligned accordingly. This is an
opportunity to engage your members in discussion and visioning.

The Action Plan framework will guide our work with on-boarding
Rotaract, engaging our youth and the next generation, showcasing
Rotary and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Onboarding Rotaract                                                                                                                                                             
On July 1, we welcome the expansion of Rotary membership to include
Rotaract clubs. Rotaract's elevated status was approved by Rotary's
Council on Legislation in 2019 as part of an ongoing effort to make
Rotary more appealing and welcoming to young professionals. The
district board took the initiative to establish a director position for
Rotaract last year. Additionally, Rotaractors will be included in all
aspects and activities of the district.  

Engaging youth and the next generation                                                                                                                     
The future of Rotary lies in our clubs, where we must adapt to the
changing reality of the present. Our challenge as an organization is
to bring on the next generation of Rotarians. We must share the gift
of membership with those who share our values. We must
intentionally include Interactors and their families in service projects
and Rotary activities. All clubs should seek opportunities to collaborate
on projects with a Rotaract club. Clubs should include Interactors,
faculty advisors, and families in their activities. Rotary youth programs
include Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), Rotary Youth Leadership
Awards (RYLA), New Generations Service Exchange, Rotary Peace
Fellowships, and Rotary Community Corps. Rotary has invested heavily
in these programs for many years. Yet, we don't retain an appreciative
number of alumni from these programs as Rotarians. It is incumbent on
every Rotary club to find an avenue to engage the next generation.   

Rotary Showcase                                                                                                                                                                    
Club presidents have set goals and priorities for the year that we
expect them to share with members. During the President-Elect
Training Seminar (PETS), presidents-elect were tasked with working
to achieve The Rotary Citation. This award recognizes the challenging
work that clubs do throughout the year. There are twenty-five
available goals that you can review online at the MyRotary website.
Clubs should select at least thirteen goals to apply toward citation

We must grow more to do more. In other parts of the world, Rotary
is growing but not so much in the United States. Despite the array of
initiatives, global grants, and community service, we struggle with
membership in our district. We can change the trend and grow
membership by telling our compelling stories and showcasing our
projects. The theme for our 2023 District Conference will be
'A Showcase of Rotary.' On May 6, 2023, each Rotary, Rotaract,
Interact, and Earlyact club, along with invited partners, will highlight
their activities in an exposition format.

2022-2023 RI President Jones' Initiative: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).                                               
In her message, RI President Jennifer Jones states, "In Rotary, we
celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)." She notes that
"DEI is not just a recommended practice. It is necessary to Rotary's
success in providing meaningful leadership, networking, and service
opportunities today and in the future." With an intentional focus on
DEI, we can celebrate each person's contributions, advance equity,
and create an inclusive culture where everyone knows they are valued.

President Jones reports that with input from its DEI Task Force, Rotary
International has strengthened its commitment to diversity, equity,
and inclusion. Her charge for the 2022-2023 year is for 'all of us –
as individuals, in our clubs, in our district – to exemplify our
commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.' We can do this by
learning more, raising awareness and understanding about DEI. Then,
we should determine how using the principles help grow and strengthen
our club and act on DEI in our clubs and communities.

In February 2022, the District DEI Committee was tasked to develop an
initiative to start collecting demographic information from members to
better help measure our clubs' diversity. With the approval of the
district board, the committee’s Survey Task Force worked with Justice
Informed, a professional group, to create a survey. Every member of
our district will be asked to participate in completing the survey that
will serve as a baseline for the district. Since the survey is being
conducted by an independent organization, we are assured of
complete confidentiality. I strongly urge you and your club members
to complete the survey promptly. Thank you.

I look forward to a year of fun and Rotary service, as we all 'Imagine
Rotary.' A Rotary that is intentional in embracing justice, equity,
diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) well beyond the next century. In the
words of Paul Harris, our founder, 'If Rotary is to realize its proper
destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, revolutionary on

I wish you Alàáfia (peace and good health).

Nominate New Member

It is a privilege to be a Rotarian!
Lead the way--Invite a guest and/or
Nominate a new member today!
Someone thought enough of you to invite you into the Club.
Each of us is charged with doing the same!
It's easy and it is the privilege of EVERY current member.
Start with an invite as a guest to lunch. If interested,
the application for YOU to nominate a potential
Joliet Rotary Club member is available in the
DOWNLOAD FILES section of the e-Wheel newsletter
and the Joliet Rotary Club website at
All New Member applications go to:
Mary Sheehan in person
or at

All Welcome to attend Board Meetings!

All Joliet Rotarians are invited to attend
the meetings of the Board of Directors.

These usually take place on


When in-person, meetings are held at

Lightways Hospice Center

250 Water Stone Circle, Joliet, IL 60431

Next:  JULY 26, 2022

Watch for invite reminder

from President Mary via email.

Join the meeting see how your fellow members

manage the affairs of your Rotary Club.

Doing so counts toward your attendance.