Congratulations to all members of the Joliet Rotary Club for a record season in the 2014 raffle. Our raffle sales exceeded $51,000!
Special congratulations to Captain Jeff Pierson and his New Orleans Saints for selling 66 tickets. The Saints are this year’s Rotary Raffle Super Bowl Champions! Our AFC champions were Kate Schott and her L.A. Raiders with 48 tickets sold.  
This year’s MVP went to Bob Filotto with 56 tickets sold. In second place, Paul Morimoto sold 16 tickets; third place is Laurie Rambo selling 15 tickets; fourth place Jennifer Howard 13 tickets and fifth place to Ed Dollinger selling 11 tickets. Nearly all of our club’s members met their ticket sales obligation.
A well deserved shout out to the Raffle co-chairs Ann O’Neill and Rich DeGrush. They were the true leaders in this year’s raffle. Ann kept excellent records of the tickets sales and even delayed her annual migration to Arizona to help wrap up the raffle season. Rich did an outstanding job coordinating the Kangaroo Court and helping keep the motivation high during the entire season.
And a very sincere thank you to all the members who participated in this year’s raffle. Our success this year is a testament to your dedication to the mission of our Rotary Club – Service Above Self. We will be able to do great things with this year’s proceeds. ‚Äč
Bob Filotto honored with a Rotary Raffle MVP award for being the top raffle ticket seller for many years!
Top Rotary raffle sellers: Laurie Rambo (3rd place), Ed Dollinger (5th place) and Jen Howard (4th place).
Raffle co-chairs Anastasia Tuskey and Rich DeGrush and President Brett Mitchell acknowledge top Team Captain Jeff Pierson; while Jane Condon & Andy June collect their winnings!
$10,000 Rotary Raffle winner Mike Hansen thanks the club and announces he is donating $1,000 back to the Joliet Rotary Club.