District Governor Challenges Joliet Rotary Club to change the world!
At the August 25 meeting, the Joliet Rotary Club had the honor of hosting the District Governor Osei David Andrews-Hutchinson.
District Governor Andrews-Hutchinson oversees District 6450, which includes Joliet and is commonly known as the birthplace district of Rotary International.
     During his remarks, Andrews-Hutchinson reported on the success of one of Rotary’s core missions, to eradicate polio worldwide.
     “Our new campaign is ‘we are this close’ to ending polio worldwide,” he said, holding his thumb and forefinger close together. “We have only two countries that are afflicted with polio in the world. That is some great work of Rotarians.”
     Andrews-Hutchinson also spoke of the new slogan for the 2015-2016 Rotary year, “Be a Gift to the World”. He challenged each member with two goals.
     “You need to find out what your passion is and how it fits in with the Rotary mission,” he said. “We need to challenge each Rotarian to share his or her gift with the club. We need to invite our members to join in and change the world.”
     He also spoke about the goal of keeping the club and its mission relevant to its members. He asked each club member to think about the relevance of Rotary to its members and the community.  This is how you maintain the success, he said.
     “The Joliet Rotary Club is the largest in our district and I am impressed with the successes you have shown,” said Andrews-Hutchinson. “It is important you share these successes and enable your members to feel like they are part of something big. If we work together we can change the world. Look what we have already done.”